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Center Panel, Planned Triptych 1 by MeshGearFox
Center Panel, Planned Triptych 1
This was originally gonna go in one direction but then I started listening to a bunch of Sufjan Stevens and Bon Iver and it went in a totally different direction.

oh also Crenshaw's wings of light there are totes based off A.A.-Dam from Neo Oogenesis Elverum.
Dia de los Muertos Pony Skeletons!! by MeshGearFox
Dia de los Muertos Pony Skeletons!!
Headcanon 1: The mane six turn into /invulnerable skeleton warriors/ when they die, because of their connection with the elements of harmony/tree of harmony/whatever. Only Equestria's mostly peaceful so basically nothing changed.

Headcanon 2: This pic takes place during like Season 5. I'm imagining the fight with Tirek went /really south/ so like all the mane six (except Twilight) are dead. But since they're like immortal undead cartoon skeleton ponies, absolutely nothing changes.

Headcanon 3: Rarity's banned from access to rhinestones and hot glue guns. She finds them anyway. Nobody knows how.
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Discord Mushroom Party by MeshGearFox
Discord Mushroom Party
I drew this last year for some compo. I'm not really big on the background and it was more dictated by compo's theme but I can't come up with anything to replace it with right now, so wevz. Mostly this ended up being a /testbed/ for whatever I did on that Spike pic, which I think turned out better?
MLP/The National Fanart by MeshGearFox
MLP/The National Fanart
So basically I got the idea for this from two The National songs -- All the Wine and Lemonworld. Like the imagery here directly is based on some of the lyrics.

Also I WAS going to give it a background but it changed the mood -- making it all black and leaving the background /very/ vaguely implied gots more the feel I was after.


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